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  • Shelly Desjarlais

The Christmas List - An Original Song

She wraps the front porch with bright lights

The Christmas tree twinkles in her window

She’s tucked in her blanket on December nights

And I’m stuck in the snow ten years ago

My list is on its way to the North Pole

I’m only asking for the things I can’t control

Give me back my pride and the hours I cried

Or if it’s easier

Let her love me as much as I love her

She hangs greeting cards by the mantel

While I count the letters I’ll never send

She chooses a festive song for her doorbell

I still hear her voice in the winter wind

Santa, let’s hop in your sleigh

So you can take me to her front door

Make this the holiday

We’re not apart anymore

My list is at the North Pole

I only asked for the things I can’t control

It’d have been easier

If she’d have loved me as much as I love her


Listen to the song by Sander Mason - aka Shelly Desjarlais - here:

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