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Shelly Desjarlais


Shelly Desjarlais knew in first grade that she wanted to be a writer. By the age of fifteen, she was writing full length novels, poetry, lyrics, scripts, and short stories. She has since published four novels and two poetry collections. Visit her "Free Stories" section for free short fiction!  


After coming out as lesbian in 2012, Shelly started writing about and for the LGBTQ+ community. In 2015, Shelly also came out as genderfluid. She goes by both female and male pronouns. Her chosen male name, and her performance name, is Sander Mason. Scroll on for details!

In addition to her writing, Shelly dabbles in other artforms. She is an actor, artist, filmmaker, and musician. Several of her short films are featured on YouTube under the name Holderby Productions. You can find her films by clicking here.

Though she was born in California, Shelly has spent most of her life in Maryland. Currently, she resides in her hometown and has eleven animal children. Her passions include mental health awareness, cooking, baseball, and animals. 

Sander Mason


Sander Mason is Shelly's male, and musician, identity. Sander has several singles and a full album available on SoundCloud and Bandcamp. He also has a YouTube channel with originals and covers. Links can be found below or under the contact tab!

His music is influenced by genres such as country, acoustic, folk, and emo. He considers the music of Mason Jennings, Secondhand Serenade, Dashboard Confessional, Randy Travis, Johnny Cash, Jewel, Jonathan Larson, Oasis, Hit the Lights, Hawthorne Heights, and various modern country artists to be among his top inspirations

Sander has created a free LGBTQ comic book, which is featured on this site, about gender identities. It can be viewed under the "Sander Mason Comics" tab. 

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