Shelly Desjarlais knew in first grade she wanted to be a writer. Her first story was written at the age of six. For Christmas that year, she asked if she could have a typewriter. On Christmas morning, she was thrilled to find a typewriter under the tree, and she wrote a story about her new teddy bear later that morning. By the age of fifteen, she was writing full length novels, poetry, lyrics, scripts, and short stories. 

In addition to being a writer, Shelly is a voice actor. She is currently working freelance and is available for hire. Her experience includes narration for an award-winning student film, professional voiceovers for business telephone menus, and multiple characters in short films. She studied theatre at Marshall University. You can find her acting profile on Backstage.com. 


In 2012, Shelly came out as a lesbian. She started to write about and for the LGBTQ+ community. In 2015, Shelly also came out as genderfluid. She goes by both female and male pronouns. She enjoys participating in pride events whenever possible.

Shelly is an advocate for mental health awareness. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at an early age. She hopes to use writing as a way to discuss mental health. The battle against mental illness is prominently featured in her second novel, Always Cora. It is available on Amazon now. 

Though she was born in California, Shelly has spent most of her life in Maryland. Currently, she is still in Maryland and has eleven animal children. Her favorite things are animals, the arts, baseball, and cooking shows. She is also a musician and filmmaker. Her films, produced by Holderby Productions, can be found on YouTube. 


She also enjoys talking in third person from time to time.

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