Fifteen years have passed since Cora and Marley were tangled in a messy college affair. When Cora discovers they have both returned to the same town, she reaches out to Marley in the hopes of rekindling a friendship. Despite their painful past and complicated present, Marley allows herself to reenter Cora's gravity. However, they soon realize they cannot outrun the love they left behind. 

In 1943, a young woman from the city finds herself in a small Nebraskan town. There, she meets an older farmer named Carolyn. The women fall into a forbidden love affair that is challenged on all sides. They must ask themselves one question: How far are they willing to go for each other?

"The Storm I Once Knew" is a poetry collection inspired by love and life. The free verse poems range from lighthearted to dark, capturing all sides of humanity. 


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