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A Letter from a Cat

Dear 2020,

I'm sure you know by now that the humans don't have many nice things to say about you. Being a cat, I don't know much about their world. I heard a lot about staying home, masks, toilet paper, and somebody named Karen. I heard a lot about loss too. Seems like everyone lost something.

My human lost a lot. Her uncle. Five beloved pets. Even three jobs. Something called a virus came and kept her from seeing her friends too. She got sad and lonely. It felt like you were the worst year ever.

Maybe that's true for many humans. I know it got so bad my human didn't want to watch the news. She'd say how much everyone was hurting and how hope felt far away.

I wish my human could see you through my eyes. I spent so much time going from shelter to shelter. No home. No family. No good meals. Until you came, 2020. You changed that.

I remember meeting my human for the first time. When she held me, I purred and rubbed my face on her arm. Nobody else wanted an adult cat, but she did. I know it was hard because she lost her first cat, but that cat led her to me. Everything that happened in 2020 led her to me. She's my person. My human. And life with her is the best.

I get good food. I have a warm house. Plenty of toys. A great family. Plus all the love and attention a cat could want. Or not want. Depends on my mood, of course. We cats like things on our terms. But I always want my human nearby. She's my best friend. I know I'm hers.

So, while these humans continue to hate you, you've been the best year of my life. I know it's tough for them to find any silver linings in you. But maybe they just need to see things from a feline perspective. You gave me such a wonderful life in the middle of such a messy year. I am full of love and gratitude and proof that we gain some of the greatest things in the aftermath of our most painful losses.

I hope the humans will be happier in 2021. I'm already happy just knowing I have my forever home—because of you.

With sincere thanks,

A rescue cat

(For Starling)

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