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There - A Poem from "The Storm I Once Knew"

A poem from "The Storm I Once Knew" on Amazon!


I am here. I will hear your voice

Above the street noise and

Howling wind. I will hold your

Shoulders and lift the burdens

Like fallen stones.

I am here. I will vanish in

The bustling crowd and pouring

Rain. I will call for help and

It will be swallowed like

Flat-irons in the river.

I am here. I will leap from

Coast to coast, if you merely

Ask. I will talk for two years straight

Until you believe your worth.

I will not go.

I am here. I will not tell my

Secrets or scars. I will hide

For fear of never being seen.

I will yearn for a single word

To calm this raging mind.

I am here for you

Because I vanish.

I will not go

Because I yearn.

I am here because

I’ve been there.

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